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Need to Find a Consecutive Spanish Interpreter?

Determining which type of interpretation you need is the first step in solving "how to" questions of your needs for translation.

Consecutive interpretation is a give-and-take model, much like ordinary speech patterns, but with an interpreter speaking between the two conversing parties. Beginning with a speaker, an interpretation follows, and then a response is generated by the end recipient. This pattern repeats back as the response is interpreted and relayed back to the first speaker.

An example could include a question and answer session between hospital staff and the family of a patient undergoing surgery. A nurse of doctor might ask a question in English, the interpreter conveys this to the patient in Spanish, the patient answers in Spanish, and this response is conveyed back to the nurse or doctor in English.

Spanish Consecutive Interpretation While necessarily slower than communication in a single language, consecutive interpretation is an efficient method that results in clear, accurate dialogue among all parties. In many cases, consecutive interpretation provides a higher degree of clarity and speed than struggling with a single language when one of the conversing parties is not completely fluent.

If a given situation requires clear decisions and full comprehension on all sides, consecutive interpretation is an excellent choice.

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