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Bilingual English & Spanish Interpretation in Denver

Colorado Interpreter provides bilingual English and Spanish translation and interpretation services to lawyers and courts, physicians and surgeons, and companies that require on-site Spanish interpreters in the greater Denver area, to include Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.

Types of Interpretation and Translation Offered

Simultaneous Interpretation is the concurrent translation of spoken dialogue without pause. An example would be a "Spanish whisper channel" during a keynote speech by a politician or CEO.

Consecutive Interpretation is a give-and-take model, where an interpreter speaks English and Spanish between the two conversing parties. An example might include a Q&A between hospital staff and the family of a Spanish speaking patient undergoing surgery.

Sight Interpretation is read aloud from a written document in either English or Spanish, and is translated on the fly by the interpreter. An example would be the translation (into English or Spanish) of written testimony by a witness in a courtroom setting.

Interpretation Services for Medical, Legal, and Business

Colorado Interpreter offers professional services to three primary verticals: the Legal Community of lawyers and the Colorado court system, the Medical Community of hospitals, physicians, and surgeons, and the Corporate World of international business and Spanish language marketing.

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